The Masters: Final Round



Rahm saves on 17 and stays -11. Ditto Fowler. Would have been a different day if Rory had putted like Rickie.

Play-off now looking unlikely ...

Rickie hits an Orange Blosson Special right down the middle of 18. Birdie not out of the question from there. Rahm kills his golf ball, pitching it by Rickie's ball.

Reed with a bit of a mistake from the first cut of rough on 17 - it's gone left and landed a long way away from the pin. Rory now from prime position, wedge in hand. Needs to stiff it, which he doesn't. Ends up in Fowler country.

Crowd giving Reed a warmish welcome as he walks up 17. Stenson birdies 18 and ends on -9. Good finish for him. What Rickie would give for that birdie !!

Talking of whom, we find Rickie talking aggressive 5 iron with his caddie on the 18th fairway. Aiming for the gap in the towers.

Can he do it? OH YES HE CAN !!

Right down the flag to about 6ft. Reed back on 17 must have heard that. Rattles his monster putt right at the flag, catches a lot of the hole and goes about 5-6ft past.

Mike Barry

Lucky bastard !!!!!

Alan Wilson

took the words etc. that was going 10ft past at least

Rory with a decent effort on 17 - good line, but always short. Rickie approaches 18, a warm standing ovation for him. Deservedly so, I like him. Makes this and he's -14. Reed needs to hole to stay 1 ahead. Tense.

Nerves of steel - Reed knocks his 6 footer in on 17 for par. Did well to get down in 2 from where he was.