The Masters: Final Round



Woods off the tee at 4, almost holes it!!! Couple of bounces and hits the left curve of the cup as it rolls by, if it had hit the stick it would have dropped. RCB with a great tee shot too, good birdie opportunities for both.

First visit to Amen Corner. Vijay Singh at 11, 2nd shot. Going well today on -2 for his round. Finds the edge of the green, although his demeanour suggests this golf lark is really getting in the way of his Sunday plans.

Back to the 4th, and a great birdie for RCB takes him up to +3. Lovely stuff. Woods needs to hole his to justify that almost-ace tee shot... and he does, going in off the left edge. Tit for tat, +3 for him too.

Vijay putts up well from distance at 11 and should make par. At the 5th, fine drive from Tiger; RCB bounces on the fairway, goes off a bit left but is fine.

Haotong Li and Paul Casey have hijacked the featured groups feed, so we'll be following them too now. Li's drive goes just right off the fairway but stops short of the bunker. Straight down the middle for Casey.

Tigs at 5; solid 2nd shot to the middle of the green. RCB rolls through the left of the green and just into the fringe by the bunker.

Li at 1, 149 left. Very nice approach, rolls back a bit on the green but decent birdie putt ahead. Casey, same hole, lands on but spins all the way back down. RCB chips up nicely at 5 and should save par.

Tiger with a big right-to-left curler for birdie which just goes beyond the cup. He rattles it in for par which gets a bit of an 'ooh' from the patrons.

Casey with his third at the 1st; gets it up the green slope but a fair bit left for par still.

Li misjudges his birdie putt on the first, as it doesn't break. He and Casey make par. Woods at the par 3 6th, lands at the feet of the patrons on the right. RCB with a blinder to two feet! Magnifico.