The Masters: Final Round



Ian Poulter is out there on -2 for the day, up to +5 overall on the 11th. Li sends a big bouncer down the fairway at the 2nd. Must be some mischievous patrons down there.

Woods chips nicely at 6, few feet left for par, which he makes. RCB follows up the beauty of a tee shot by converting the simple birdie, up to +2.

Vijay Singh at 13, good sight for eagle, but just a bit wide. Tap in birdie takes him to +5 and the lowest round out on the course at the mo, three under.

Li approach at 2, 248 to the hole, comes up just short of the bunker on the right, similar position to where Woods and RCB were. Casey goes through the green left, onto the fringe.

RCB in the light rough off the fairway at 7, 143 to the hole but some pesky tree branches in sightline. Still gets it on the green though.

Li chips up at 2, uses the green slope well as it rolls from the middle to a few feet, should make birdie. Woods at 7, also a bit obscured by trees, gets a nice bounce off the green slope and rolls beautifully all the way round to less than six feet. Good chance for his third birdie today.

Simple birdie for Li at 2, up to even overalll. Casey does the same, and goes up to +1.

RCB with his first putt from distance at 7, aims well left of the hole and curls it round nicely, secures par to remain +2. Woods sends his birdie putt quite a bit left and has about as much on the other side for par, which he... misses off the rim. Poor three-putt costs from this distance, he's been watching my game too much.

Li at 3, third shot from just off the green having come up shot with his 2nd. He only just gets it up the hill, and is left still on the fringe for par; looks like the house will be taking that birdie back.

Booming drives for Woods and RCB at 8, but both come up short with their approaches. Casey at 3 chips from the fringe to a few feet and saves par. Li can't salvage much with his chip, and drops straight back to +1.