World Championship Qualifiers: Day 6



Good morning. Following the 5th Birthday celebrations where we went back to our roots on Twitter, we are now back doing stories on here. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) and I will be continuing to cover the action from the World Championship Qualifiers. Today sees the completion of the second round before the final round takes place over the next two days.

The streamed matches this morning are Hammad Miah v Stephen Maguire and Ryan Day v Mitchell Mann. It was a hard decision as I like watching both Maguire and Day but I decided to go with the Day/Mann match for the live coverage.

I will also keep you updated on the other matches which are as follows: R Williams v Ebdon Zhou v Wells McManus v O Lines Baird v J Robertson Astley v M White Saengkham v Vafaei Yu v J Jones Ford v Highfield Lisowski v Grace

RD 0 - 0 MM (0-0) The players come out in to the arena for this best of 19 match (9 frames this morning and then potentially another 10 tonight from 7pm). Day breaks off in frame one.

RD 8 - 0 MM (0-0) Day has the first chance of a long red and pots it into the left bottom pocket. He pots the black and uses that to open up the reds further. He has one available with the rest and down it goes.

RD 53 - 0 MM (0-0) He was on all reds and blacks but has to go up for the pink to make the next positional shot easier. The reds are all spread around the pink and black spots as my stream dies. I'll give it a few minutes but if it doesn't come back I may have to switch to the other match.

RD 0 - 0 MM (1-0) Whilst I have no pictures, Day makes a good break to take the lead. It was at least 84 but then World Snooker changed to to him having won the frame so I don't know the final score.

Meanwhile: Miah 30 – 12 Maguire (0-0) R Williams 0 – 1 Ebdon (0-0) Zhou 7 – 1 Wells (0-0) McManus 15 – 0 O Lines (0-0) Baird 0 – 24 J Robertson (0-0) Astley 0 – 10 M White (0-0) Saengkham 16 – 7 Vafaei (0-0) Yu 15 – 23 J Jones (0-0) Ford 0 – 12 Highfield (0-0) Lisowski 48 – 12 Grace (0-0)

RD 0 - 4 MM (1-0) Ah - we are back. Sorry about the lack of details on that frame but I can't comment on what I can't see. Mann opens up the reds early in frame 2. Day's safety ends up in the middle of the table leaving a chance on for Mann to pot a red. He does so and is on the green.

RD 0 - 34 MM (1-0) The reds are reasonably well spread but some are covering each other so he needs to be careful with his positional play. The pink and black are also free. The break is progressing steadily around the pink and black.