Premier League Darts: Rotterdam



Gurney hits a 180 to leave 75 MEANWHILE ANDERSON HITS 170 TO BREAK IN STYLE! Fantastic entertainment. 2-1 Anderson.

Anderson averaging over 118 right now.

Gurney averaging over 103 himself. Certainly no mean feat!

An earlier 180 for Gurney gives him a shot at tops to break. He goes low, allowing Anderson to take 77 (19 18 D20) to hold. 3-1 Anderson.

Gurney checks out 70 in three darts, under considerable pressure, to take a leg back. 3-2 Anderson.

Gurney requires 58 to break back, levelling things up, but can't hit tops with two darts! Rare misses for Daryl but they come at a cost, as Gary takes 88, with three darts, on D7, to hold throw. 4-2 Anderson.

Gurney misses D16 to hold, after a bit of a messy visit, and successive D7s to check out for Anderson give him the 5-2 lead WITH the throw! The man's averaging over 110!

Anderson is quite simply on fire. Gurney certainly throwing some decent stuff, but what can you do against an inspired Flying Scotsman? Anderson takes out 92 in two darts (T20 D16) to guarantee a point, only one leg away from the win. Oh, and he starts the 9th leg with a 180, averaging 111.

Gurney can't hit a T18 for his 122, but Anderson misses two at D18 for his 87. Gurney wins the leg, reducing the deficit. 6-3 Anderson.

Gary on 184 hits a maximum to leave himself 4. Does he get it? You bet. First dart. Sensational performance, beating Gurney 7-3.