Premier League Darts: Rotterdam



Cross takes 88 with D7, last dart in hand, in a superb display! Wright needs to add a few points to his 3-dart average to keep up here if he's going to take a point or two away from this game. 4-1 Cross.

Wright has six darts from 148, hits 2xT20 and narrowly misses inside the D14. He'll be back, but pressured as Cross hits his first 180 of the match. Doesn't phase Wright, who pins D7 with his first dart to reduce the deficit. 4-2 Cross.

Cross leaves himself 32 and pins D16 first dart for a 13-darter. He now leads 5-2, needing one leg to guarantee a point.

Cross has only missed one dart at double, to Wright's six.

Wright leaves himself 61, Cross 90. Wright hits 19, 10, D16 to check out under pressure, he's not out of it just yet! Cross 5-3.

Cross can't check out 167, only knocking 40 off it! Wright has 91. Unintentionally hits 15. Followed by D18. Narrowly misses D20. Cross misses the bull to take 127, allowing Wright the chance to break, which is exactly what he does! 5-4 Cross. Wright will need to win the next three legs on the spin if he's going to win here tonight.

Wright first to a finish in the 10th leg, as he has six darts to check out 170. Scores 105 to set up the shot, and takes out the 65 on his return. 5-5 - game on!

Leg 11: RC - 100 (401) PW - 100 (401) RC - 180 (221) PW - 43 (358) RC - 93 (128) PW - 121 (237)

Cross can't take the 128, but sets himself up for D16 when he comes back. Doesn't hit, but Wright is back on 178.

Cross misses three more darts at double and opens the door for Wright who is on 97. This would be a break, leaving him throwing for the win!