Premier League Darts: Rotterdam



D18 for Gurney and he gets an instant break. 2-0.

Gurney misses tops for a Shanghai in Rotterdam, but Whitlock back on 144 can't cause any damage. Gurney pins D10 with his first hand in dart to extend his lead. 3-0 Gurney.

Gurney sets up D14 from 167, bu goes wayward and hits a big 11! 1 D8 is the intended route and he hits it under pressure, now leading 4-0.

Whitlock on 130, hits T20 T20 and narrowly misses D5 low. Gurney misses tops to check out 75. Whitlock able to check out 5 on D1 to break . 4-1 Gurney.

114 attempt for Whitlock, who misses on D19, but Gurney can't take out his Shanghai, missing tops low. Whitlock misses his next effort at D19, allowing Gurney to check out D8 to lead 5-1.

6-1 to Gurney now, as he finds 60 with three darts. Whitlock has only won two legs today, so will hope to put that right before the conclusion of the match.

Gurney now has 70, hitting 18, 20 and D16 to end the evening. Disappointment for Whitlock, but a decent performance for Gurney.

Averages: Whitlock: 99.96 Gurney: 86.03

It's been a great evening of arrows, thank you very much for joining me! van Barneveld ruled the Dutch, Wright put up a fight, and Anderson is still in top form, ahead of the conclusion of the Premier League. Until next time!