Ronnie O'Sullivan

Stephen Maguire - Session 1



Good afternoon people. All happy and relaxed this fine weekend? Me neither but let's hope Rocket can provide us with some fireworks in his first round match against Stephen Maguire.

One of the tougher draws Ronnie could have got and as Joe Perry has shown this morning he cannot afford to be complacent. Ronnie is expected to win of course but Stephen Maguire can cause problems for anyone if he's on his game.

We're about 5 minutes away from starting the afternoon sessions.

MC Rob Walker is doing this thing. No "let's get the boys on the baize". Irksome.

The most likeable player in the game Matthew Stevens is introduced as is the talented Kyren Wilson.

Stephen Maguire introduced and blink and you'll miss him the Rocket enters!

Ronnie breaks off frame 1.

Overhit the break off. Maguire is left a pot to the right corner, misses and leaves one for Ronnie to the left corner and he's on the blue. ROS 7-0 SM (0-0)

Ronnie misses a black off the spot trying to screw into the reds, misses it by a long way, goes up the table and the yellow goes in. Maguire has his first chance. Wiped its feet but it goes in. ROS 13-10 SM (0-0)

Stunning long red from Maguire. Confidence booster for the Scot. Goes into the reds off the green. He's got a pot to right middle and he's right in the balls here. Should win the frame. ROS 13-23 SM (0-0)