Mark Selby

Joe Perry - Session 2



Good evening everyone. The defending World Champion is in dire straits in his 1st round game. 7-2 down after the first session. He needs to win 8 out of 10 tonight to progress.

Is Selby capable of mounting a comeback? Yes of course but this is a big ask tonight. He's not facing a rookie on a crest of a wave, Joe Perry is a seasoned campaigner. Should begin soon.

Rob Walker in the process of introducing the players. As well as Selby and Perry there is also Graeme Dott v Ali Carter on the other side.

Joe Perry breaks off in frame 10.

Selby left near the cushion after the break off, goes for the pot to the right corner but misses by a mile and leaves it on for the top left corner. Perry misses it with the rest however. The path is blocked by the brown but has a straight pot to the right corner but wobbles in the jaws and Perry has an easy starter. MS 0-8 JP (2-7)

Perry goes into the pack off the yellow but doesn't develop them the way he wanted so he plays safe. Selby will be relieved. Good safety. Cue ball tight on the cushion. MS 0-23 JP (2-7)

Safety shot goes awry from Mark and leaves Joe right in the balls. Reds set nicely. Pink and black off their spots for now. MS 0-30 JP (2-7)

Black back on its spot. Great chance for Perry here. MS 0-45 JP (2-7)

Oh my! What happened here! Complete miscue from Perry on frame ball, fluffs it, nearly chips the black and leaves the white near the bottom right pocket. Selby plays safe as no pot on. MS 0-62 JP (2-7)

Perry pots a long red, rolls up behind the brown as it comes back to baulk. Selby gets out of the snooker but leaves a red on and that's definitely frame over. Yep, Selby concedes. Perfect start for Perry. 8-2.