Premier League Darts - Manchester



MVG tops the table with 21 points. Birmingham is the next stop on the Premier League trail, and I'm sure we will be there to cover it. However for tonight, that's it. I was Stephen Clark, thanks for reading.

So that is that for the night. A recap of the results: SMITH 7 WRIGHT 1 GURNEY 6 VAN GERWEN 6 WHITLOCK 7 ANDERSON 5 VAN BARNEVELD 6 CROSS 6 SMITH 1 VAN GERWEN 7

Both players look a little better in this leg. Smith with a maximum gives himself a chance but Van Gerwen is just too good and takes the match with a double 8. SMITH 1 VAN GERWEN 7

Smith with a 7-1 win earlier looks like being on the wrong end of a whitewash in this one. However a really slack visit from MVG and a 29, lets him in with a chance to get on the board and he hits D10 to make it 1-6

If Smith wants to compete at the highest level then he needs to do better than this. Throwing on the walk with some of these and MVG, even though not in top form, cruises to a 6-0 lead.

Up and down leg from both players ends the same way as all the previous ones. MVG with tops and it's 5-0

Van Gerwen a wire width away from a 170 finish. Smith tries to follow, but he cant even hit the green bit. MVG returns to tidy up and it's 4-0 in the blink of an eye.

Bounceout prevents MVG from getting a maximum on his second visit, but makes no mistake next time up. Smith hangs in but misses out at tops, and Van Gerwen nips in to win it. SMITH 0 VAN GERWEN 3

These two playing at a quickfire pace but Smith is looking shaky on the doubles. Misses 3 darts at a double and MVG nips in to pinch the leg. SMITH 0 VAN GERWEN 2

Top two in the table meeting here. A win for Smith take him to the summit, a point guarantees his place at the O2. Smith opens with a maximum, MVG hits the 2nd 171 of the night and follows it up with tops to pinch the throw immediately SMITH 0 VAN GERWEN 1