Premier League Darts - Manchester



Schizophrenic play from these two here. Cross switches off in this leg and Barney takes it with ease. RVB 3 CROSS 4

Head scratching stuff this. Barney can't take out 48 after Cross lets him in and the World Champ is grateful to have a shot at D9 for the leg. RVB 3 CROSS 5

Switched off a bit there, as Cross took the 9th leg to go 5-4 up. Barney opens the 10th with a maximum. Cross looks like he has lost a bit of focus as well and needs to take out 118 for the leg. Misses tops so the Dutchman takes the leg to tie the match up. RVB 5 CROSS 5

43 from Barney to open the leg isn't punished as Cross scored 59. Both players all over the place in this one and the Dutchman creeps over the line to take the leg and secure a point. RVB 6 CROSS 5

Barney needs this last leg or his top 4 hopes are over. Cross steps up the pace and leaves Barney floundering. Double 16 is hit, the match is drawn and the Dutchman is out. RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD 6 ROB CROSS 6

One more game to go and it should be a good one as the most impressive player on the night, Michael Smith, takes on the greatest player on the planet, Michael Van Gerwen.

Sky spinning this out. Probably giving the punters time to get to the bar. Here comes Smith for the second time tonight, asking the crowd to Shut Up and Dance with Me. Instead they want to sing along with Michael.

Top two in the table meeting here. A win for Smith take him to the summit, a point guarantees his place at the O2. Smith opens with a maximum, MVG hits the 2nd 171 of the night and follows it up with tops to pinch the throw immediately SMITH 0 VAN GERWEN 1

These two playing at a quickfire pace but Smith is looking shaky on the doubles. Misses 3 darts at a double and MVG nips in to pinch the leg. SMITH 0 VAN GERWEN 2

Bounceout prevents MVG from getting a maximum on his second visit, but makes no mistake next time up. Smith hangs in but misses out at tops, and Van Gerwen nips in to win it. SMITH 0 VAN GERWEN 3