NFL Draft



82 days since the Super Bowl. 134 days until the kickoff game. April could be a stark wilderness, devoid of American football. But it isn't. There is a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope for us who crave handegg-based sustenance in the springtime. That's right, it's the relaunch of the XFokay okay sorry Welcome, folks, to... THE 2018 NFL DRAFT!

That's right, America's one concession to communism is back! Tonight is the first day of three, and the first round of seven, in which the NFL's 32 teams will see the wealth of the best college players distributed among them according to need. Sort of. There are a bunch of complications to that idea, such as trades, compensatory picks, and whether GMs/coaches actually know what they're doing.

I’m Charles Wheeler, here to bring you every pick and trade. My ByTheMin NFL Podcast pal Jody Jamieson will also be with us to grade each pick and keep you updated on how our mock draft is comparing to the real deal (if the QB rumours springing up since we posted it two hours ago are anything to go by, the answer is, um, not well).

Confused? Excited? Need some direction in this swirling mass of information? Cool! Us too! Here’s our Draft Explainer to help you keep track of the key points:

Gotta say, there's already a LOT of talk about Josh Allen's racist high school tweets... but it doesn't seem to be affecting his standings in this draft. Teams seem to have bought his fairly soft apology, which, well, that is what it is. What can you say? There's still a team named after a racist slur ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Elsewhere, there are a LOT of rumours about teams seeking to trade back into the late 1st round, with the Vikings, Patriots and Eagles - picks 30, 31 and 32 respectively - all receiving multiple calls in the last day. Expect even more moving and shaking before the night's out!

JJ: Hey guys. Jody Jamieson here. I'll be doing some grades and predictions as the night goes on. This is the best sports night of the year when there's no actual sport being played. Our mock has Baker Mayfield going first overall. But at this point who the hell knows? If you fancy listening to our final predictions, go click here.

Before we kick things off properly, we HAVE to take a look at the highlight of the red carpet pre-show. Juju Smith-Schuster had his big moment last year, and he’s clearly enjoying the NFL superstar life and all the endorsement perks it brings:

All the current NFL receivers are stirring it up, it appears - Odell Beckham Jr just Instagrammed a photo of himself being drafted in the 1st round... and tagged Saquon Barkley in it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? PROBABLY NOTHING? SHUSH YOU, THIS IS FUN

Now talk of the Broncos trying to trade up for the Giants' #2 pick. Blimey. This is gonna be a fun one folks! Throw your selection order out of the window!