NFL Draft



And we're back! It's almost time for the next two rounds of drama, backstory and Roger Goodell getting booed out of the building! It's rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft!

Things will move a little faster tonight so we'll be focussing on keeping the picks rolling so you don't miss a single one. There are still plenty of quality prospects on the board and plenty of big needs for a lot of teams, especially given some of the wacky reaches we saw last night.

Here's another look at our Draft Explainer in case you're new to all this (or as tired as I am):

You see, I'm so tired, I forgot I did that to specifically refer to yesterday. Cracking start Charles!

We're about to get going! As yesterday, the Cleveland Browns are up first with a second early pick to follow up. The Indianapolis Colts have two consecutive early picks too - will we see some trade action shortly, or will two of last season's worst teams continue to stack this year's rosters?

I mentioned things moving faster tonight - last night we had 10 minutes for teams to make their choice, tonight that reduces to 7 in round 2 and 5 in round 3. Expect the end of tonight to go extremely fast. And speaking of countdowns, it's on - here we go!

Crowd still with plenty of energy to boo Roger Goodell out of the building. Excellent.

Goodell pushing my bedtime back even further by taking an absolute age to introduce a parade of Hall-of-Famers. Boo him louder, Dallas.


All the talk today has been that the early 2nd round will be a run on defensive backs and interior offensive lineman, and that certainly does look like where the talent's clustered at this level. Some good prospects at running back left, too.