Barry Hawkins

Lyu Haotian - Session 3



Good morning and welcome to more coverage of the World Championships. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). This morning we start with the conclusion of the match between Barry Hawkins and Lyu Haotian. Hawkins leads 9-7 but Lyu has had a slow start to both sessions. He cannot do that today as it is first to 13 frames.

The other match is the second session between Kyren Wilson and Jamie Jones. Wilson leads 5-3. There will be regular updates on that one as well.

BH 0 - 0 LH (9-7) Rob Walker gets the players into the arena. First Jamie Jones and Kyren Wilson before our match Lyu Haotian and Barry Hawkins.

BH 0 - 0 LH (9-7) Lyu breaks off in frame 17.

BH 0 - 1 LH (9-7) Hawkins is left a tempter after a short safety battle. He goes for it but misses and leaves Lyu in the balls. The reds are spread but the black is on the bottom cushion.

BH 0 - 15 LH (9-7) Wow - Lyu plays on the black and it JUST goes past a red close to the cushion. That will make the break a lot easier for him. He is the wrong side of the blue after his next red but he has a mid-range red to go for. Well potted.

BH 0 - 50 LH (9-7) Lyu is good to watch when he is in full flow and seems to have a good temperament. He gets a slight kick but is still on the black and can get on his next red.

BH 0 - 0 LH (9-8) He is a little short of pace but has a couple of reds he can play for. He pots the easier one and moves another one to be on the pink. A black means he is over the line in the frame. The break ends on 91.

Meanwhile: Wilson 9 - 57 Jones (5-3)

BH 0 - 0 LH (9-8) Hawkins rolls up behind the black when playing safe. Good escape from Lyu in to the bunch.