Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ali Carter - Session 3



Good afternoon - more action from the World Championships with Mel (@MissMelanie_H) Now personally, I would have preferred to watch John Higgins v Jack Lisowski but I know my audience so the feature match will be Ronnie O'Sullivan v Ali Carter. Carter currently leads 9-7 but he was 8-3 up at one stage before O'Sullivan came back at him.

Stuie Neale

Work done now head home for snooker!

ROS 0 - 0 AC (7-9) Rob Walker gets the boys on to the baize. First Jack Lisowski and John Higgins before our match between Ali Carter and Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Stuie Neale

Of course i live blogged first two sessions ronnie only got going late in the sessions.

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

True... *fingers crossed here* I know I will be in a minority with wanting Carter to win.

ROS 0 - 0 AC (7-9) O'Sullivan breaks off in the 17th frame.

ROS 0 - 0 AC (7-9) Carter misses a long red into the left corner but nothing left on. Carter had a red into the right corner this time and misses. He nearly flukes it when it comes back down the table. Again nothing on.

ROS 0 - 0 AC (7-9) The reds have been opened up with the safety. O'Sullivan catches the blue on the way back up the table but Carter cannot find a red to go for. He snookers O'Sullivan up behind the green. Good hit.

ROS 0 - 2 AC (7-9) All sessions have started with a long, tactical frame. And as I say that Carter finds a red but is not on the green. Good safety. O'Sullivan catches a red on the way up the table with a safety shot. Carter is in with a better chance.

ROS 0 - 29 AC (7-9) He works around the pink before moving to the reds around the black. There are three reds near the bottom cushion and one on the left hand side as well.

ROS 1 - 37 AC (7-9) He misses a yellow when he has to go up the table. Not that the red is easy for O'Sullivan but he pots it with the rest. That also frees up the black a little.

ROS 18 - 37 AC (7-9) He then runs into the reds on the cushion which moves some into potable positions as well as moving the black into the middle of the table. He goes up for a red over the yellow pocket. He pushes a red safe again when potting the yellow.

ROS 40 - 37 AC (7-9) He nudges the three reds on the bottom cushion and they are now all available. Next shot is poor but he does have the black. That only JUST drops but the cannon works out on the reds. He moves the one on the left hand cushion from there.