Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 1



Good evening. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here for the evening's snooker action. As the match between Kyren Wilson and Jamie Jones looks to be foregone conclusion (Wilson needing two more frame to win), I am going to focus on the start of the match between Mark Williams and Robert Milkins.

In a nice sort of symmetry - Williams beat Jimmy Robertson 10-5 and Milkins beat Neil Robertson 10-5 in round one. Williams' form has been fantastic all season so I would expect him to win but Milkins is a canny competitor.

Stuie Neale

Hey mel Crikey john higgins in a hurry! Glad ronnie is out actually

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Evening. Glad I am not the only one who is glad that O'Sullivan is out. But I make no secret of my dislike for him! As for the Higgins match - he is playing well and I have nothing against him - but I am also a Lisowski fan so not a result I wanted to see.

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MW 0 - 0 RM (0-0) Rob Walker gets the players into the arena. First up Jamie Jones and Kyren Wilson before Robert Milkins and Mark Williams.

MW 0 - 0 RM (0-0) Milkins breaks off in frame 1.

MW 0 - 0 RM (0-0) They are rolling up to the pack but Williams frees a red which then gets sent up the table by Milkins. This is Williams 1000th frame played at the Crucible.

Stuie Neale

i bet u would love to claim that stat but can't lol

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Nope - Eurosport comms.

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MW 1 - 8 RM (0-0) Loose safety from Williams and there is a chance of a long red into the green pocket for Milkins. He misses it but it rolls across the baulk cushion and drops in the yellow pocket. He lands on a red down the cushion to the same pocket and misses. Williams straight in.

MW 0 - 0 RM (0-0) He has to play safe after potting the blue. They are tip tapping around the pink/bunch and soon decide on a re-rack.

MW 4 - 0 RM (0-0) So - let's try that again! Milkins is snookered behind the yellow and misses the reds. He also goes in off after catching the brown. Williams misses the red he takes on.

MW 4 - 1 RM (0-0) Williams opens the reds up when playing safe and they are all over the left hand side of the table. Milkins finds one and tucks behind the brown.

Meanwhile Wilson has taken the first frame of the evening and now just needs one more for victory.