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Ricky Walden - Session 1



Good morning and welcome back to action from the World Championships. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). Two matches start this morning - Ricky Walden v Judd Trump and Ding Junhui v Anthony McGill. I am going to focus on the former but both sound like they will be good to watch. The first 8 frames in these best of 25 frame matches (i.e. first to 13) this morning.

Stuie Neale

Morning mel, two intriguing games here

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Yep - it was hard to choose which one but I went for the one that Eurosport are showing on the main channel.

JT 0 - 0 RW (0-0) Rob Walker introduces the players. First Anthony McGill and Ding Junhui before our match Ricky Walden and Judd Trump.

JT 0 - 0 RW (0-0) Trump breaks off in frame 1. Not a great one as he comes the wrong side of the blue and cannons the yellow!

JT 8 - 0 RW (0-0) Walden misses the red into the left corner that he is left on. He is left another red near the right pocket, misses and leaves it on for Trump. Down it goes and he is on the black.

JT 42 - 0 RW (0-0) He opens the reds from the black but is not on an easy red. He sinks one into the right middle and is on the brown to continue the break. The reds are all open and the black is also free. Slightly under hits a pot on a red but he nudges a red and a secondary kiss on a red gets him to the pink.

JT 0 - 0 RW (1-0) Trump is looking a LOT more confident than at the end of his match with Chris Wakelin. When he is in this frame on mind, he is so good to watch. He pots a black to secure the frame. The break ends up being 101 - his 70th century of the season (Eurosport comms tell me).

Stuie Neale

Fabulous break, cue ball control was excellent

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Agreed. I love watching him when he is in full flow.

Meanwhile: Ding 0 - 40 McGill (0-0)

JT 0 - 0 RW (1-0) Trump ALMOST gets the snooker behind the green. However he does get a good safety. Good response from Walden.

JT 0 - 4 RW (1-0) Walden wins the safety battle when he can JUST see a red into the right middle. He squeezes it in and follows with the yellow. He doesn't get on his intended red and this time cannot get to the potting angle. Nothing on for Trump. Possible long red for Walden and down it goes.

JT 0 - 35 RW (1-0) Walden is soon in and around the black spot. There are 6 reds clustered by the pink spot and three near the right hand cushion. However he can nudge reds out of the pack and the black, pink and blue are free.