Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 2



Good afternoon and welcome back to our coverage of the World Snooker Championship. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) This afternoon sees the continuation of Mark Williams v Robert Milkins with Williams 5-3 up and also John Higgins v Jack Lisowski with Higgins 8-0 up.

I will be focused on Williams v Milkins as that is likely to be more competitive than the other match. However as always there will be regular updates (and crossed fingers from this Lisowski fan!).

MW 0 - 0 RM (5-3) The players are being introduced to the crowd. First Jack Lisowski and John Higgins and then Robert Milkins and Mark Williams.

MW 0 - 0 RM (5-3) Milkins breaks off in frame 9.

MW 5 - 0 RM (5-3) There is a red left out for Williams into the right hand corner. He is on the green and then finds another red.

MW 5 - 6 RM (5-3) The next shot goes wrong and Williams goes in off when trying to go around the table. Milkins plays a poor safety but Williams cannot pot the red he is left. Back to safety.

MW 6 - 6 RM (5-3) Milkins tries to open up the reds when playing safe but ends up nearly fluking a red. It is on for Williams but he cannot get on a colour. All colours are off their spots (the pink is on the brown spot though).

MW 6 - 6 RM (5-3) The reds are in a diagonal line between the right middle pocket and the bottom cushion. As I said, the colours are all off their spots and not easy.

MW 7 - 6 RM (5-3) The reds are being spread about a little more but they are heading towards the bottom and right hand cushions. This might take a little sorting out. Milkins brings a red up the table. Williams pots it but getting to the next red might prove tricky.

MW 25 - 6 RM (5-3) The brown is re-spotted and the pink is now potable into the green pocket. He plays on it next shot. The blue is also reasonably easy to get on as well. He works on the pink instead and moves a few more reds into the middle of the table.