Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 2



MW 31 - 7 RM (5-3) He misses a pink high into the right bottom corner. Nothing on for Williams though. Williams catches a red when coming up the table and it is and easy starter for Milkins.

MW 31 - 25 RM (5-3) There is only one red in the middle of the table but the other are available if he gets good position. Still going to be hard to win the frame in one visit. He plays safe and leaves a possible red on that Williams misses.

MW 47 - 25 RM (5-3) Milkins goes in off and Williams finds a red but he cannot get on the third to last red. Milkins gets a double kiss when trying to get a snooker behind the blue. Williams pots a red and born before safe off the penultimate red.

MW 47 - 33 RM (5-3) The black is now available but both reds awkward. Oooh - Williams knocks the black in when trying to pot a red off it. Milkins flukes a red into the yellow pocket and then safe off the yellow.

MW 0 - 0 RM (6-3) The cue ball runs behind the pink and there is one red left on the table. The colours are better now but still not on their spots (other than pink and brown). Williams is left a tiny gap to pot the red and ALMOST misses the black. He pots frame ball green and gets a long brown as well.

Meanwhile: Higgins 37 - 40 Lisowski (9-0)

MW 0 - 7 RM (6-3) Milkins is left a long red this time from the break off and he pots it before getting on the blue. He opens up the reds from there and he is lucky when a red runs in to a potable position.

MW 0 - 30 RM (6-3) The reds are more or less available - there are three by the right cushion that will be tough. The black is only on into one pocket. He looked like he had missed a red (with a kick) but it drops. The pockets are rather generous this year.

MW 0 - 68 RM (6-3) Milkins is putting together a good break here - he certainly looks comfortable in and around the black spot. The scrappy frames are not good for him. He pots a red for frame ball.

MW 0 - 0 RM (6-4) He misses the next colour and Williams comes back for three snookers. He leaves a red on an concedes.