Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 2



MW 0 - 0 RM (7-5) So they now have the arena to themselves as Milkins break off in frame 13.

MW 1 - 0 RM (7-5) Williams misses a long red into the right bottom corner. Milkins opens up the reds when trying to pot one into the left corner. He NEARLY flukes one into the green pocket but leaves Williams the chance.

MW 34 - 0 RM (7-5) He works around the black spot and the loose reds to start. He will need to spread the five reds just above the pink.

MW 54 - 0 RM (7-5) He gets a good contact on the reds from the blue and is just about on his next red. There are two awkward ones on the table.

MW 69 - 0 RM (7-5) These pockets are really generous - that red should NEVER have dropped! He is on the pink but he feels it is too close to the red... He decides to go for it as it is frame ball. He misses the next red and Milkins comes back.

MW 69 - 31 RM (7-5) Milkins pots a three reds and colours and then safety off the penultimate red. Williams misses a chance and leaves it on for Milkins. The black follows.

MW 69 - 39 RM (7-5) Milkins pots the last red and the black. Can he get a snooker off the yellow? No snooker but safe. Williams leaves him in one.

MW 69 - 41 RM (7-5) Milkins pots the red and then ALMOST gets the snooker. The green is safe anyway.

MW 0 - 0 RM (8-5) Williams flukes the green and the frame should now be his. The brown stays out though and Milkins comes back. He pots it and needs 2 snookers on the blue. He leaves it on and concedes.

MW 0 - 7 RM (8-5) Milkins pots a long red into the right bottom corner. The pink follows and he frees two more reds.