Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 2



MW 0 - 19 RM (8-5) He is having to nudge a few reds out as he pots others. The cue ball is not under great control as yet. He plays an attacking safety to open up the reds when he runs too far out of position.

MW 6 - 19 RM (8-5) Milkins opens them up further when trying a plant. That opens all the reds and Williams has a chance to put another frame on the board.

MW 26 - 19 RM (8-5) There are three reds near the left hand cushion and one that might be tough on the right hand one. However he is working on the one around the black to start.

MW 58 - 19 RM (8-5) He almost misses a red down the cushion when he gets a kick. Not great on the black but he cues it well. He misses a double.

MW 65 - 27 RM (8-5) Poor safety from Milkins - he hits the black after missing the red in baulk. Williams thinks hard about it and everything goes back... Milkins then pots the red and moves the other one. It rolls over the pocket but the black goes past it.

MW 65 - 31 RM (8-5) He misses a cannon on the last red. Good safety with the rest. Williams knocks the green in and it is a free ball. He is on the yellow but misses it! What on earth! Not that the red was on.

MW 0 - 0 RM (9-5) Williams is left the reds on and he has the black to take the frame.

MW 3 - 16 RM (9-5) Milkins leaves a red on from the break off. Williams can only make three before he leaves a chance on for Milkins.

MW 3 - 53 RM (9-5) Milkins plays so quickly when he gets in balls but they are dropping at the moment. Again the red drops into the bottom left when it looked like it was wide.

MW 0 - 0 RM (9-6) He pots frame ball red and is on the blue. It ONLY just drops - what is it with blues in middle pocket! The break ends up on 73.