Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 2



MW 0 - 9 RM (9-6) Final frame of the session then. Milkins is in first but has to play safe when he is not on black as he would like.

MW 7 - 9 RM (9-6) Williams is left a good chance when Milkins plays a poor shot. He goes into the reds from the pink into the right middle. The next red is tough and he misses into the yellow pocket.

MW 28 - 10 RM (9-6) Williams is back in and looks to have a good chance to finish off this frame. The reds will need to be opened a little or nudged into potable positions,

MW 45 - 10 RM (9-6) He lands straight on the pink but can run through to be on the red below and slightly to the left of it. That is used to open the other four reds and nudges the brown safe.

MW 58 - 14 RM (9-6) The pink is frame ball but misses the red. Milkins comes back to the table and snookers him behind the pink. Williams misses it. Milkins puts him back in from where then cue ball ends up.

MW 58 - 21 RM (9-6) Milkins pots the penultimate red and the pink. That was tough. Williams is left the red on eventually and... misses.

MW 0 - 0 RM (10-6) Milkins pots the red and is just about on the black but he misses and concedes.

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