Good afternoon, and welcome to what I hope will be at least semi-regular coverage of Lancashire's season on BTM It's tea on Day 3 of their Championship clash at home to Surrey. It's been a batsman's match so far after Friday was a washout

So Lancs batted all day yesterday, and did the tail wag this morning as Bailey and Mennie put on a huge ninth-wicket partnership, they eventually declared after Bailey's departure on 439-9 Surrey have reached 120-2, Onions bowled Stoneman for a duck, Bailey had Burns caught behind for 28, Borthwick (75) and Elgar (8) are the ones that will come back out shortly

Well, we've got players back. Has been a gloomy day at Old Trafford, so whether we get our full day's play in isn't a given. Onions will open up after tea

Apparently a lot of spectators have left, can't be surely because of some football match just down the road about to kickoff... Elgar squeezes out three runs between gulley and point. That puts Borthwick on strike for the last two balls of the over. He leaves the first and misses the second. Bit brighter now apparently. 123-2

Mennie bowling from the Jimmy Anderson End. Elgar keeps going onto his front foot, doesn't look comfortable but not sure that's his way. He does the hit a four down the ground. Well timed. 127-2

Two balls left in this 48th over, no run off the first, blocking the last ball. At the other Old Trafford they must be shouting out the Man Utd lineup, hearing the crowd. 127-2

FOUR! Borthwick pulls Onions through the off-side mid way through the over. Properly thwacked. 131-2

WICKET! Borthwick is caught behind by Davies and finally goes for 79! Onions has his second wicket. There was a wait, there was a question whether it carried but he has walked. 131-3

Davies seemed to have hurt his finger making the catch, hence the slight fumble, but a wicket it was. Mennie to continue, Foakes is the incoming batsman but Elgar the one on strike. It's a really well bowled maiden. 131-3

Onions bowls to Foakes, a lesser-spotted right-hander in the Surrey batting order thus far. Alex Davies still a bit sore it seems from his Borthwick-dismissing catch. Foakes will get off the mark with a single, the only run of the over. 132-3