Judd Trump

Ricky Walden - Session 2



Good evening. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) back for the evening session and the second session of the match between Judd Trump and Ricky Walden. Nothing could separate them after the first session. However in the other match, Ding Junhui is 8-0 up on Anthony McGill. I will obviously keep you updated on that one as well.

JT 0 - 0 RW (4-4) Eurosport discussing nicknames of the players and which they like and dislike. Which ones do you like or dislike and why? Oooh - and walk on music. What ones do you think are well suited? Anyway - speaking of nicknames, Rob Walker introduces the players. Anthony McGill and Ding Junhui first and then Ricky Walden and Judd Trump.

JT 0 - 0 RW (4-4) Trump breaks off in frame 9.

JT 0 - 3 RW (4-4) Trump pushes a red back into the pack and opens them up a little bit with a safety. Walden finds a red and then kisses the blue to be on the yellow.

JT 0 - 19 RW (4-4) He gets down to the black spot and then gets a slightly big bounce off the cushion to be a little awkward on the black. He misses it with the rest.

JT 0 - 19 RW (4-4) The reds are being loosened and sent slightly towards the right side. The black is over the bottom right hand cushion as well. Oooh - how did that black stay out?

JT 0 - 23 RW (4-4) Trump goes in off. Walden brings a red across the table but he covers the angle to pot it.

JT 0 - 31 RW (4-4) This stalemate is impossible to write about... they are moving reds closer to the cushion. Walden gets a red out and lays a snooker. Trump misses the reds... and again... hits it next time but leaves it on for Walden. He misses it.

JT 0 - 31 RW (4-4) Walden leaves a possible red on but Trump opts for safety. I agree with the comms - this is not going anywhere. I would pot the black (accidentally on purpose) and then get on with it.

JT 0 - 0 RW (4-4) The referee has now said something - gentle reminder that this needs to go somewhere.... the black doesn't drop again when it is nudged. They eventually decide to re-rack.

Stuie Neale

That was going nowhere fast, marcel eckhart (ref) had to say something there, i would have potted the black on purpose.

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

I think Marcel handled it the right way. Just a gentle "get on with it" kind of thing. I am amazed that Trump didn't pot the black.

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