World Tour Championship: Preview



Join Lawrence Donegan and John Huggan for a live golf webchat ahead of the World Tour Championship from 8.30pm

Evening all, welcome to our chat on the world of golf with Lawrence Donegan and John Huggan. They're ready to go...

I'm the one on the right

LD: lot going on and Huggy is still on the range. Here take a look ......what do you think?


It's not a persimmon - Huggy can't handle modern clubs

JH: This has been hilarious so far

LD: Big news on Tiger as Ryder Cup told me abt this earlier Huggy. where did you hear it?

JH: It seems to have been common knowledge for days. Some of our esteemed colleagues in the golfing press were hinting strongly yesterday.

LD: Correct PK.. It's not Huggy, (a) because that guy has hair and (b) Huggy only plays with persimmon these days.

JH: I never wear orange either


as far as I can see everyone the capt and the vice capts for the US Ryder Cup team all have ambitions to play Why can they not simply accept the job and get on with it?

LD: Interesting. So it had been leaked. What do you think of Tiger as a vice-captain....what does it means for his career?