Mark Williams

Robert Milkins - Session 3



Good evening. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here with more World Championship action. We are down the last match in round 2 with Mark Williams leading Robert Milkins 10-6. John Higgins and Jack Lisowski would have been playing tonight but Higgins blitzed to a 13-1 win yesterday and earned a day off.

MW 0 - 0 RM (10-6) The players are talking backstage - most ignore each other before they come out. Rob Wwalker introduces them into the arena - Robert Milkins first and then Mark Williams.

MW 0 - 0 RM (10-6) Milkins breaks off in frame 17.

MW 6 - 0 RM (10-6) Milkins tries a red from the end of the pack into the right middle and misses. He leaves it on for Williams into the yellow pocket. He pots it and is on the blue.

MW 15 - 1 RM (10-6) He misses the pack when trying to into them off the black. He gets second prize by catching the brown and getting on the red up the table. He tries to open them up again... they split a little but he is not on the black as he would like. He tries it and misses. Milkins pots a red with the rest but not great on a colour. Safety on the green.

MW 36 - 1 RM (10-6) Milkins misses another red to right middle and Williams pots a good red into the bottom right. The brown follows. He then gets the black back on it's spot. There is one red up the table but the other are all on.

MW 60 - 1 RM (10-6) He opens them up further when he pots a red and is perfectly on the black. He has to get out the extended rest to pot the red up the table and is then close to the right cushion but no problem.

MW 0 - 0 RM (11-6) What a wonderful pot on the black into the left centre! He then adds the remaining reds. He can get a century if he clears the table which would be the first of the match. He does with a 101.

MW 0 - 5 RM (11-6) Milkins catches the green but the cue ball runs behind the brown so nothing is on. The reds are being moved over the left hand side of the table. There may be on for Milkins and he pots it well. The brown follows but then not on a red.

MW 0 - 26 RM (11-6) Milkins finds another red after a short safety battle and is down to the black spot quickly. He also has the pink available but it is not after being re-spotted. There are a six reds on cushions that will need some work.