Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 1



Good afternoon and welcome to coverage of the quarter-finals at the Crucible. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) Just a summary of what happened in the first session. All matches are still best of 25. Mark Allen 4 - 4 Kyren Wilson Ding Junhui 3 - 5 Barry Hawkins I will be doing coverage of the second session of one those this evening for you.

This afternoon, I am going to be focused on the match between John Higgins and Judd Trump as that looks to be the best match of the quarter-finals (not that the others aren't great as well). However I will also keep you up to date on Mark Williams v Ali Carter.

JT 0 - 0 JH (0-0) Rob Walker is introducing the players. First Ali Carter and Mark Williams before the feature match John Higgins and Judd Trump.

JT 0 - 0 JH (0-0) Higgins breaks off in this first frame of a possible 25 (i.e. first to 13 over three sessions).

JT 0 - 0 JH (0-0) My Sky box is being little temperamental today but it seems to have settled down again. I have builders doing minor renovations with scaffolding outside so that might be causing the issues. Anyway - the reds are being moved to the right hand side of the table with the safety.

JT 23 - 0 JH (0-0) Higgins misses a red and leaves one on for Trump to the left hand bottom corner past the black. There are five or six reds he can play for and the black is open. The pink is also potable but not straight forward. He frees another red when potting the pink and has one on.

JT 34 - 0 JH (0-0) He runs out of position on a red but may have got a kick. The black is on but not easy and there are no reds to go for. Safety off the brown instead.

JT 55 - 0 JH (0-0) I have reset the Sky Box and as I come back Trump finds a red and there are a few more reds open for him. The black is also available to all pockets. Trump pots a red down the left hand cushion to be on the blue.

JT 0 - 0 JH (1-0) The other one close to the cushion is also potted to be on the black for frame ball. He plays safety off the last four reds. Not that safe though as Higgins finds a red and is on the black. He pots two reds before getting a kick and conceding.

Meanwhile: Williams 0 - 0 Carter (1-0)