Ding Junhui

Barry Hawkins - Session 2



Good evening. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here for the second session of Ding Junhui against Barry Hawkins. I didn't see the action this morning but Hawkins leads 5-3 after the first session. Can either one of them take control of the game tonight? I will also keep you updated on Mark Allen v Kyren Wilson.

DJ 0 - 0 BH (3-5) Ding Junhui and Barry Hawkins chatting back stage. Rob Walker gets the boys on the baize. Mark Allen and Kyren Wilson first and then Hawkins and Ding.

DJ 0 - 0 BH (3-5) Hawkins breaks off in frame 9.

DJ 6 - 0 BH (3-5) Ding opens proceedings with a long red into the right corner from the break off. He is on the blue. The black is available into the left hand side pockets. He also has 4 reds to go for.

DJ 19 - 1 BH (3-5) He goes into the bunch from the blue and has a red to left corner. He could do with getting the pink back on it's spot. He gets on it but then misses it to the left corner. Hawkins is straight in.

DJ 19 - 32 BH (3-5) He finds a plant when not perfect on the reds. He works around the blue to land on reds as they become available.

DJ 19 - 60 BH (3-5) Fantastic pot on the pink but not perfect on the red. Down it goes and he is on the pink again. He leaves himself a mid-range red. Wonderful pot on the penultimate red to leave Ding needing snookers. Safety on the green.

DJ 0 - 0 BH (3-6) Hawkins lays a snooker behind the black which Ding escapes from. Ding misses the red and concedes.

Meanwhile: Wilson 27 - 2 Allen (4-4)

DJ 3 - 0 BH (3-6) Ding finds a red into the right centre. He has the yellow but it is not an easy pot either. Down it goes.