Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 2



I am back at 2:30 UK for the second session of Mark Williams v Ali Carter. Join me then: https://www.bytheminute.co/events/7405-snooker-mark-williams-ali-carter-session-2-level-after-the-first-session-will-it-be-that-way-after-8-more-frames-live-02-may-2018

JT 0 - 0 JH (8-8) Trump does pot the yellow and we are all level going into tonight.

JT 64 - 33 JH (7-8) Higgins almost goes in off but it looks like he has a snooker instead. Good hit from Trump. Another snooker but again Trump gets out of it. The black is on the bottom cushion. Higgins gets a kick and leaves the yellow on. Trump plays safe though.

JT 64 - 33 JH (7-8) Ooooh - Trump ALMOST doubles the red! Higgins pots it and the black. Snooker off the yellow. Trump swerves it.

JT 64 - 25 JH (7-8) Higgins gets a double kiss and Trump is back in and on the black. He clears up to the penultimate red and snookers Higgins behind the brown. He needs a snooker anyway.

JT 41 - 25 JH (7-8) He under hits a positional shot. The cueing is very awkward and he plays safe. Fantastic shot.

JT 27 - 25 JH (7-8) He misses a red high into the right middle pocket. Trump is in with a red into the right corner and the reds are available for him. He cannons into the pink from the blue and is on a red.

JT 12 - 17 JH (7-8) His positional play is a little suspect and he misses a mid-range red. Nothing on for Higgins though. Higgins finds a long red after a short safety battle.

JT 7 - 9 JH (7-8) Wonderful pot from Higgins and he nudges a red out into open play. He is on the black... or not, he misses it leaving Trump in the balls.

JT 0 - 8 JH (7-8) Final frame of the session. Trump misses the reds when playing safe. Back it goes... A red drops in... but then so does the white.