Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 2



JT 1 - 64 JH (6-3) He nudges a red closer to the cushion but he has a couple of reds to play for as frame ball. He misses one into the right corner. Trump has a red on but the break will be tough with three reds on cushions and the black on the left hand side one.

JT 21 - 64 JH (6-3) Trump tries to free the black and it is away from the cushion but still not perfect. He lands on the two reds on the bottom cushion which MAY be a plant. They were but he then goes up the table but can pot an amazing pink! He can now force a re-spotted black.

JT 64 - 64 JH (6-3) He leaves a double on the last red. and down it goes. A lucky nudge on the blue means that he can clear the table to force that re-spot.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-3) Higgins wins the toss and Trump has to start proceedings on the re-spotted black. Poor safety from Trump next shot but Higgins misses the black. It is on for Trump and he wins the frame.

Meanwhile: Barry Hawkins takes the next frame as well with a 118 break and beats Ding Junhui 13-5.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-3) The wall is now up and they have the arena to themselves. Looks like we might have a re-rack as they are working around the bunch with a red in the baulk area.

JT 0 - 3 JH (7-3) Trump has spotted a possible plant in to the right middle. He misses it low but leaves nothing easy on. Higgins pots a double in to the left middle and is on the yellow.

JT 0 - 21 JH (7-3) The reds are clustered below the pink spot but he can nudge them out as he goes. There are three open ones and two in baulk. The black is on the bottom cushion though.

JT 0 -53 JH (7-3) The pink is available for him as he works around the reds below it. He is JUST the right side of the blue after potting a red and can get on the red to the bottom of the pack.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-4) Higgins makes a break of 65 and Trump concedes as he needs snookers.