Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 2



JT 0 - 6 JH (7-4) Higgins is left a red on into the right corner pocket. He nudges the black safe but the reds are all open and he has the pink.

JT 0 - 40 JH (7-4) Higgins sets about making a break around the pink spot. He nudges reds into better positions but they are all available for him in to the bottom pockets.

JT 1 - 61 JH (7-4) He gets a big bounce when potting a red and whilst he has the pink but it is very tough. It wobbles and stays out. Trump is straight in.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-5) Trump can steal the frame with red and pinks and all the colours. The black will be tough but it is potable down the cushion. He has to go around the table when he catches a red too thick. He gets on a red but then misses the pink. He concedes. I will be back in 15 mins after the interval.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-5) The players are back and Higgins breaks off in frame 13.

JT 0 - 7 JH (7-5) Trump pushes a red over the right hand corner. Higgins sinks it and is on the blue or pink. He takes the pink and has five reds to work for at the moment. The pink goes on the brown spot but the black is free.

JT 0 - 53 JH (7-5) He nudges the reds out rather than going into them full blooded. However he then flicks off a red and almost goes in off.

JT 0 - 70 JH (7-5) Trump makes the safety mistake catching another red when coming back up the table. He leaves a red on but the cueing is awkward over the bunch. No problem for him to pot. Mobile phones again - I really think they need to be taken away from people as they come in to the arena or at least checked to make sure they are off or on silent.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-6) He flukes a red that was needed to secure the frame. He clears to the last red to go back to only one frame behind.

JT 6 - 0 JH (7-6) Poor break off from Trump and Higgins has a long red on... which he misses. Trump is straight in and is on the blue. There are three reds to go for and one on the bottom cushion but the black is free.