Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 2



JT 44 - 0 JH (7-6) He nudges two more reds out from the black. He then goes into them again and has one to the left middle to work with.

JT 51 - 1 JH (7-6) He needed a bit of luck when he runs out of position. He has a red to the right middle but he misses it high. Nothing on though. Trump plays a thin safety and catches the bump of the middle jaw leaving Higgins an easy starter.

JT 51 - 6 JH (7-6) Higgins goes into the bunch from the blue and he doesn't have any luck with the split. He tries to cut a red in to the right corner but misses.

JT 51 - 6 JH (7-6) Trump pushes the pink close to the cushion but then Higgins brings it back off.

JT 51 - 15 JH (7-6) Trump sinks a long red but then goes in off... nothing easy on for Higgins. Higgins finds a long red regardless and is on the brown.

JT 51 - 55 JH (7-6) He quickly clears the reds and has a good angle on the last red. The black takes him into the lead in the frame.

JT 51 - 57 JH (7-6) He is hampered over the blue for the green. He misses it! Trump can only play safe.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-7) Higgins flukes the green into the the right middle and is just about on the brown. He is perfect on the blue.

JT 0 - 1 JH (7-7) Trump plays an aggressive safety. Higgins counters with a containing one and Trump misses the red he goes for. it is in the jaws of the pocket for Higgins.

JT 0 - 21 JH (7-7) He is down around the black spot but the nudge on the reds doesn't go as planned. He does have a couple of reds but neither easy. He over cuts a red to left corner.