Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 2



JT 0 - 22 JH (7-7) Trump takes his time coming up with a safety shot and ends up catching a red coming back up the table. The black blocks the reds to the right middle but Higgins finds one to the right bottom corner.

JT 0 - 51 JH (7-7) The black is cleared next shot and is now available into all pockets. There are five reds on the bottom cushion though and a couple more are awkward.

JT 0 - 72 JH (7-7) He clears the ones from the right hand side of the table first. He pots a red with the rest and then the pink to mean Trump needs snookers. He plays safe but Trump comes back for 2 snookers.

JT 0 - 0 JH (7-8) Trump misses a mid-range into the yellow pocket. Higgins pots another red and the frame is his. He leads for the first time in the match.

JT 0 - 8 JH (7-8) Final frame of the session. Trump misses the reds when playing safe. Back it goes... A red drops in... but then so does the white.

JT 7 - 9 JH (7-8) Wonderful pot from Higgins and he nudges a red out into open play. He is on the black... or not, he misses it leaving Trump in the balls.

JT 12 - 17 JH (7-8) His positional play is a little suspect and he misses a mid-range red. Nothing on for Higgins though. Higgins finds a long red after a short safety battle.

JT 27 - 25 JH (7-8) He misses a red high into the right middle pocket. Trump is in with a red into the right corner and the reds are available for him. He cannons into the pink from the blue and is on a red.

JT 41 - 25 JH (7-8) He under hits a positional shot. The cueing is very awkward and he plays safe. Fantastic shot.

JT 64 - 25 JH (7-8) Higgins gets a double kiss and Trump is back in and on the black. He clears up to the penultimate red and snookers Higgins behind the brown. He needs a snooker anyway.