Mark Williams

Ali Carter - Session 2



Good afternoon. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) back again for action from the Quarter-finals. The match between Mark Williams and Ali Carter is evenly poised at 4 all after the first session. Will it be level again after the second session? Meanwhile, Kyren Wilson leads Mark Allen 11-5.

MW 0 - 0 AC (4-4) The players are ready to come out into the arena. Rob Walker introduces them - first Ali Carter and Mark Williams and then Mark Allen and Kyren Wilson.

MW 0 - 0 AC (4-4) Carter breaks off in frame 9.

MW 6 - 6 AC (4-4) Williams catches the pink when trying to glance off the reds thin. Back it goes... He catches the open red next time and everything ends up safe. He is left a long red into the right corner pocket. Down it goes and he is on the blue.

MW 39 - 6 AC (4-4) He skims off the reds and a few more are available. He is not great on the black and he is only JUST on his next red. He pots it and is on the blue.

MW 0 - 0 AC (5-4) He goes into the pack from the blue and now should be able to kill off the frame in one visit. He quickly gets over the line in the frame. The break ends up being 114.

Meanwhile: Wilson 1 - 46 Allen (11-5)

MW 8 - 0 AC (5-4) Williams pots a red and gets the pink back on it's spot. He has a few reds to work with and the black is also free.

MW 23 - 0 AC (5-4) He nudges into the bunch from the black and nothing moves much. He is not on a red and rolls up to a red in the pack. Williams tries one into the left middle and misses. Everything is safe though.

MW 23 - 1 AC (5-4) This time Carter finds the long red. He has the blue into the green pocket but awkward cueing. He opts for safety instead.