Judd Trump

John Higgins - Session 3



Good evening. The final two quarter-finals come to a conclusion today. I (Mel - @MissMelanie_H) will be here to find out who will come through. The feature match is Judd Trump v John Higgins who are finely poised at 8 each. In the other match, Mark Williams leads Ali Carter 9-7. So we could be in for a long night in both matches. Then tomorrow we are down to one table and two sessions.

JT 0 - 0 JH (8-8) The players are ready and Rob Walker gets them out into the arena. First Ali Carter and Mark Williams before John Higgins and Judd Trump.

JT 0 - 0 JH (8-8) So best of 9 frames this evening - who will get to 5 first tonight? Higgins breaks off in frame 17.

JT 0 - 7 JH (8-8) Higgins pots a red and nudges another out of the way to stay on the pink. He has a red along the cushion but hard to get on a colour. He misses the red.

JT 0 - 8 JH (8-8) Trump gets tight in behind the black and then goes for a red into the left middle after the next safety shot. He misses and there is a chance of red into the yellow pocket. He misses it - it rolls across the table but doesn't drop into the green pocket. Trump has a chance and misses... Higgins takes advantage.

JT 0 - 27 JH (8-8) He plays for the reds in baulk first. He runs a little far when potting a red near the pack but has one more red in baulk. He uses the brown to split the reds. He opens them but is not on a red.

JT 4 - 31 JH (8-8) Turmp goes in off but then Higgins catches the reds thin when trying to play safe. Higgins returns the favour by going in off.

JT 29 - 31 JH (8-8) Trump is in with a long red and comes up for the blue. He nudges the red by the left cushion into a potable position. He plays a good positional shot back down to the reds. He gets the pink into play as well.

JT 60 - 31 JH (8-8) He gets the pink back on to it's spot a few shots later. The third to last red is tight but down it goes. The last red is close to the bottom cushion but he pots it for frame ball.

JT 0 - 0 JH (9-8) He goes in off the brown but the frame is his.