John Higgins

Kyren Wilson - Session 1



Good afternoon. We are down to the one table set up for the semi-finals of the World Championship and we start with the semi-final between Kyren Wilson and John Higgins this afternoon. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) and I will here for all of the action and I will also be back at 7pm for the start of Barry Hawkins v Mark Williams.

The head to head between the two players stands at 1 each (Higgins also beat Wilson in the Championship League this year). The last meeting was at the World Championships last year when Higgins won in quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals this years, Wilson beat Mark Allen 13-6 but Higgins had to dig deep to beat Trump 13-12 last night.

JH 0 - 0 KW (0-0) The players are ready backstage and Rob Walker is ready to get them into the arena. First Kyren Wilson and then John Higgins,

JH 0 - 0 KW (0-0) This is a best of 33 frame match (i.e. first to 17) and Higgins breaks off in frame one.

JH 7 - 1 KW (0-0) Wilson finds a red into the right corner pocket but then runs into the pack and doesn't have a colour on. He is snookered on all of them and nominates black. He misses it... back it goes... good hit next time.

JH 8 - 1 KW (0-0) Wilson catches the brown but no colour from the red so Higgins plays safe. Wilson misses the reds entirely and leaves one on for Higgins to get started in the frame.

JH 37 - 1 KW (0-0) The black is only available into one pot but the pink is free. The reds are also reasonably open to make a decent sized break. He pots a red as his 1000th ball this tournament (again - Eurosport comms' stat not mine!).

JH 49 - 1 KW (0-0) He clears the open reds first before trying to nudge into the five reds below the pink. He misses by a hairs breadth and has to play safe off the open red to the left of the table.

JH 50 - 2 KW (0-0) Higgins finds a red after a good safety and gets a cannon to be on the brown... which he misses! Wilson is left an easy starter.

JH 50 - 8 KW (0-0) He tries to free the black and loses position. He moves a red near the right corner into a better position with his safety. Wilson pots a red and moves the red by the black. He lands close to the pink and doesn't have a pot on. Poor safety.