Barry Hawkins

Mark Williams - Session 1



Good evening and welcome back to coverage of the World Championships semi-finals. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). Tonight we have the first 8 frames of Mark Williams and Barry Hawkins.

The head to head stands at 5-0 to Williams but they haven't played a ranking event match since 2014. They have played various Championship League matches since then - the latest having been won by Hawkins. Hawkins made quick work of Ding Junhui 13-6 and Williams ended up blitzing Ali Carter yesterday evening. It ended up being 13-8.

BH 0 - 0 MW (0-0) The players are ready and Rob Walker gets them out on to the baize. Mark Williams first and then Barry Hawkins.

BH 0 - 0 MW (0-0) Hawkins breaks off in another best of 33 frame match (i.e first to 17).

BH 0 - 0 MW (0-0) Good weight from Williams into the back of the bunch when snookered. The red is on to the right middle but no colour to go for so Hawkins plays safe. The next safety shot Hawkins is left a red on. He misses low.

BH 8 - 1 MW (0-0) Williams pots a red by the black but is close to cushion as he had safety in mind. He misses the black and Hawkins has a tough red to open. Down it goes and he opens up the reds as well. The black and blue are available.

BH 46 - 1 MW (0-0) The reds are covering each other a little as they are clustered below the pink spot but he is working around the black. He goes into the reds and they spread well.

BH 0 - 0 MW (1-0) He sinks frame ball red but is on the black. He makes a clearance of 129 to take the opening frame.

BH 12 - 0 MW (1-0) Hawkins tries a plant but it misses. He catches the green full ball but Williams cannot take advantage. Hawkins is in and works down towards the black.

BH 35 - 0 MW (1-0) He clears the black spot with a good pot on the black and nudging a red. He could so with splitting the reds below the pink spot. He is taking the open ones which then free a couple of others.