John Higgins

Kyren Wilson - Session 2



Good morning and welcome back to our coverage of the semi-finals of the World Championships. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). This is the second session of John Higgins v Kyren Wilson with Higgins leading 5-3. He was 4-1 up, but Wilson fought back and was nearly 4 all at the end of the first session. Can he continue to come back this morning?

JH 0 - 0 KW (5-3) The players are ready back stage and Rob Walker introduces the players into the arena. First Kyren Wilson and then John Higgins.

JH 0 - 0 KW (5-3) Quick handshake before Higgins breaks off in frame 9.

JH 5 - 0 KW (5-3) Wilson is left a red to the right middle pocket but he misses it low. It is on for Higgins and he pots it to be on the brown.

JH 6 - 8 KW (5-3) He catches the near jaw when trying to pot a black. Wilson is straight in but could do with getting the black on it's spot and moving the green as it blocking the blue a little. The reds are bunched below the pink as well.

JH 6 - 13 KW (5-3) He tries to go into the reds from the blue around the table and just misses them. He skims off the pack back up into baulk.

JH 6 - 19 KW (5-3) Higgins catches the red thick and leaves a possible red on for Wilson. Down it goes and is on the blue which is used to split the pack. That went a lot better! The pink and black are tied up though.

JH 6 - 33 KW (5-3) He is short of pace when he pots a red by the right bottom corner with the rest but has the blue into the yellow pocket.

JH 6 - 54 KW (5-3) He is making sure he gets high on the blue knowing he has the baulk colours to work with as well. The break has not been easy but he is potting balls to build up a lead. The last three reds are tricky and he misses the one he goes for with the rest.

JH 0 - 0 KW (5-4) The pink and black are safe but Higgins can counter here with reds and blues. He goes for a double on the black and misses. He now needs a snooker to tie. He goes in off and concedes.