Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Stage 2



Well hello there, @TimBonvilleGinn here at the top of the beautiful Cow and Calf! I tell you what I've got a good spot here for the women's finish. Wild on the front at the moment, about 25km to go, Blaak was up the road but that was pulled back, Mackaij is up the road in a break I believe, the screen is a way away.

Pictures may be a problem as the internet is poor here. But I'm right behind the line in a perfect place for interviews and the likes.

Old Pool Bank is starting soon, Boels Dolmains and Canyon SRAM looking good, Sunweb also lurking in the background. I don't have a distance or time gap annoyingly!

Old Pool Bank time! The peloton has the break in sight, Natalie Van Gogh on the front, she was in the break yesterday, Annie Mae Parkinson also working hard for her team. 18km to go with a 16" gap.

Oh Blaak is still up the road! Longo-Borghini is moving up, Ellie Dickinson goes out of the back very early on this climb. It's a tough race.

This climb is really pushing them now. Lots of different styles here. Wild is now being dropped. The leaders jersey will not stay with her, no surprise really. 500m to go to the top.

Elisa Longo-Borghini and Esteban attack!! Amialusic joins her, Dani Rowe is pushing and giving all she can! Longo-Borghini is pushing everybody else!

Ryan, Van Dijk, Longo-Borghini, Guarnier and a couple of others have manages to get away. I think Rowe is there or at least not far fron gettibg there. Yes shes made it. Blaak also making it. Sant Esteban has got there. Alde too. Sunweb have 3 riders!

Blaak has an attack, Canyon SRAM and Sunweb aren't letting the world champion get away. We're over Old Pool Bank now by the way.

The gradient on Cow and Calf peaks at 17%. Dani Rowe is our virtual leader at the moment.