Barry Hawkins

Mark Williams - Session 2



The semi-final action continues at the World Championships with the second session of Barry Hawkins and Mark Williams. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). Hawkins is 5-3 ahead after last night and deservedly so. However the session was one of good quality breaks throughout. Let's hope that continues this afternoon.

BH 0 - 0 MW (5-3) The players are ready and Rob Walker is ready to introduce them. Mark Williams first and then Barry Hawkins.

BH 0 - 4 MW (5-3) Hawkins is a little short of pace on a safety shot and Williams has a chance to pot a red to the left middle. Down it goes and he is on the brown.

BH 0 - 30 MW (5-3) He has the black open but the pink is tied up. The reds are opened from the black but he catches them slightly wrong meaning there is only a tough red on for him. Lovely shot from mid-range. He then splits them again from the black and much better result.

BH 0 - 0 MW (5-4) He finds a good recovery shot on a red and is perfectly on to the black. He pots frame ball red and adds the black for good measure. He misses a red but an 80 break is a good start.

BH 0 - 10 MW (5-4) Hawkins catches the green when snookered... back it goes... he hits it a second time but there is a long red on for Williams. Good pot and is on the blue.

BH 0 - 27 MW (5-4) He is working off the open reds for the moment. He has a red into the right middle pocket but then has to play safe off the black.

BH 0 - 40 MW (5-4) Williams is left a red to the left middle pocket after a brief safety battle. It was very tough but he sinks it and he nudges out another red as well. He catches the brown and so cannot split the pack.

BH 0 - 46 MW (5-4) Hawkins catches the pink when trying to roll into the bunch. Williams uses the rest but cannot pot the red into the bottom left corner. Nothing on but excellent safety from Hawkins.

BH 0 - 54 MW (5-4) Hawkins has a half chance to the bottom left but he gets everything safe when he misses. Williams has a red over the right corner pocket after Hawkins opens up the reds. He pots the pink for position.