John Higgins

Kyren Wilson - Session 3



Good evening. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) back for the third session of the semi-final between John Higgins and Kyren Wilson. This match, whilst a fascinating watch, has been one for the purists. It has been rather slow going with some excellent safety and not a huge amount of big breaks. Hopefully we will get a slightly quicker session tonight. Higgins leads 9-7 at the moment.

JH 0 - 0 KW (9-7) The players are ready and Rob Walker gets them out in to the arena. First Kyren Wilson and then John Higgins.

JH 0 - 0 KW (9-7) Higgins breaks off in frame 17.

JH 0 - 0 KW (9-7) Wilson is left a red to the right middle but misses it. It runs safe when he gets a double kiss. And they agree to a re-rack...

JH 0 - 7 KW (9-7) So - let's start the evening again. Higgins brings a red down the table and it is left on for Wilson again. Down it goes this time. He has a shot on the blue but not the easiest pot. He uses that to open the reds and he is on one. He also has the black open.

JH 0 - 31 KW (9-7) He has to work on position a little to start the frame but is quickly back into prime position around the black spot. He nudges a red to free the black into both pockets.

JH 0 - 51 KW (9-7) He gets a kick when trying to get up to the blue. He is on it but need to go in and out of baulk. He decides to go for a mid-range into the bottom left corner. Down it goes.

JH 0 - 0 KW (9-8) He frees three reds below the pink when potting another and soon pots frame ball red. He adds the black for safety. The break ends up being a clearance of 124. I said I hoped tonight would be quicker... got my wish that frame.

JH 4 - 0 KW (9-8) Higgins pots a red into the right corner pocket from right on the baulk cushion. The green follows.

JH 33 - 0 KW (9-8) That's a bit more like it! The black is available and he has some loose reds to work with. He is working with the blue for the moment. He has to go for a mid-range red and also has a possible plant. He goes for the single one