Barry Hawkins

Mark Williams - Session 3



Good morning and welcome back to action from the semi-finals of the World Championships. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) We start the action today with the 3rd session of Barry Hawkins and Williams (they conclude tonight at 7pm) and at 2:30pm, we have the conclusion of John Higgins v Kyren Wilson.

Both matches are very close and none of the players have ever been more than two frames in front at the end of the sessions. Hawkins currently leads 9-7. Will we see one of them take control of the match this session or will it be nip and tuck again?

BH 0 - 0 MW (9-7) The players are getting ready back stage and Rob Walker gets them on to the baize. First Mark Williams and then Barry Hawkins.

BH 0 - 0 MW (9-7) Hawkins breaks off in frame 17.

BH 7 - 0 MW (9-7) There is a long red on for Williams but he misses it into the right corner pocket. He leaves a red on for Hawkins by the black. He pots it but then nudges the black out the way. He has the pink on. Wonderful pot!

BH 28 - 0 MW (9-7) The pink is now on the black spot and Hawkins picks off the open reds. He sinks one into the yellow pocket to keep the break going. He cannons into the reds from the pink and he has an easy one on.

BH 70 - 0 MW (9-7) He gets the black on the pink spot and works around the reds between them. There are a couple of slightly awkward ones but they are potable. He pots the black as frame ball.

BH 0 - 0 MW (10-7) Start as we mean to go on - the break ends up being a clearance of 128.

BH 0 - 8 MW (10-7) Hawkins misses the reds when playing safe... back it goes... and again... he cannot see a red full ball so no three miss rule... third time lucky.

BH 0 - 15 MW (10-7) Williams finds a red and the bump of the right hand middle pocket means he is on the blue. He is playing the loose reds first and the black is open.