Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Stage 3



146km to go, gap sat still at 2'36". First intermediate sprint of the day in under a KM.

Oh they just roll through the sprint. De Greef takes it ahead of Kenway and McEvoy. 144km to go, 2'27".

Right pictures from yesterday's incredible stage... What a win by Magnus Cort Nielsen, Greg Van Avermaet in 2nd and Prades looking strong in third.

Cavendish with a bit of a problem. Vermote has gone back with him. Cav looks hacked off already, he's a bit twitchy. Probably a good sign. 138km to go with a 2'38" gap.

Hopefully today is a great day too.

Oh disaster here in the press centre!! THE BRIE HAS MELTED ONTO THE WENSLEYDALE! Oh the humanity!!

Cavendish is back in the peloton, wow he looks so up for today. But I can't see him beating the pure speed of Phil Bauhaus. Of course, for the sake of Cav and the Scarborough crowds, I hope Mark does win. 130km to go as we have a weird gap at the moment. Don't think that's right. In fact its not.

Amazing crowds... once again... As we ride through Thirsk. NOt too far away from Sutton Bank. About 10km to the bottom of the climb. I did put, yesterday, that Coquard crashed out. He didn't at all, in fact he lead us onto the Cow and Calf. He looked good. He did crashed hard yesterday but Tom Bohli was the rider who took the biggest hit and had to abandon.

Right then, Sutton Bank is almost upon us! Very well known climb. 1.4km at an average of 12%, so its a hard climb. We go up to 301m in elevation. Gradient peaks at 25%!

It's very much every man for himself here on this climb! Very tough! Virtually walking pace at the moment. This is the stage profile.