Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Stage 3



500m to go to the top. Nobody is feeling it just yet. Williams looking so smooth.

Wow what a crowd!! Williams blocks McEvoy to the top of Sutton Bank. Williams now very much in the chase for the red KOM jersey. Phil Bauhaus is being dropped! Wow, possibly the fastest sprinter here is out the back. Tanfield also struggling in the green.

Williams and McEvoy wait for the other three in the break. The front riders aren't doing this climb at a good pace. Its very slow but Bauhaus did not enjoy that at all. 111km to go, 2'33" gap.

Rievaulx Abbey is in our view at the moment. Something that Yorkshire isn't short of is abbey ruins! All very pretty.

With the race having a bit of a down moment I'm taking some time on the club house balcony!

The breeze is actually coming from the land, not the sea here in Scarborough. Depending on the strength of it later, we could see echelons! I know that will put excitement into a lot of people. But, I think everyone wants an easier day today after the first 2 being absolutely solid. 98km to go with a 2'04" gap.

The finish isn't as straight forward as you would expect. Lets start with 5km to go, we properly enter Scarborough on Queen Margaret Road, then a right angle left turn to 4km to go, a small chicane then down hill to around 3.3km to go where we have the hazards! Roundabout, bottleneck, roundabout and on the 3km to go, speed bumps.

That is also described as a rapid descent. We then are on the sea front. Start to arc right for a long time, come to a roundabout just before 2km to go then we go round the headland with the castle on it. Come out the other side with 1km to go, we have a right hander with about 400m to go and don't see the finish until about 200m from the line I think.

Right, 90km to go with a 2'32" gap. Feeding time for the peloton. Not too far from the intermediate sprint in Pickering.

Here is THE picture of yesterday!! Unbelievable atmosphere! Looking forward to the same today. 83km to go, gap at 2'23".