Barry Hawkins

Mark Williams - Session 4



Good evening and welcome to the final session of the semi-finals. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). So we already know that John Higgins is through to the final but who will he face? Barry Hawkins is 13-11 up but we all know that Mark Williams has been playing well all season and can come back from there. This might be a late night for me!

BH 0 - 0 MW (13-11) The players are ready to be introduced by Rob Walker. First Mark Williams and then Barry Hawkins.

BH 0 - 0 MW (13-11) So will we see all nine frames tonight or will Hawkins get going quickly? Hawkins breaks off in frame 25.

BH 4 - 0 MW (13-11) Williams misses the long red he is left on to the bottom right corner but almost flukes it in to the right middle. Nothing on for Hawkins. Williams tries to pot the red off the baulk cushion and misses it entirely.

BH 4 - 11 MW (13-11) Williams knocks the red over the right middle in with another red and is on the black. There are a couple of reds he can go for and the black and blue are also free.

BH 4 - 32 MW (13-11) He cannons into the reds from the blue and has a couple to work with but they do not split well. He rescues himself with a red to the yellow pocket. He goes into them again and again doesn't have much luck but he does have a red into the right middle.

BH 4 - 55 MW (13-11) He skims off the reds when potting the one at the bottom of the pack to move them in to position but then misses the black. Hawkins plays safe off a red on the cushion.

BH 4 - 60 MW (13-11) Williams pots a long red into the right corner and the rolls up to the black. Hawkins is short of the reds when escaping... back it goes...good hit this time.

BH 4 - 70 MW (13-11) Hawkins misses the reds when playing his next safety shot... free ball... Williams pots the yellow as said free ball and is on the brown.

BH 0 - 0 MW (13-12) He clears a few more balls until missing another black. Hawkins comes back for snookers or just to have some potting practice...