David Haye v Tony Bellew II: LIVE!



HELLO FIGHT FANS! It's me - Roddy Graham - here to bring you the minute-by-minute of Haye v Bellew (Part 2). I know you're probably all watching Millionaire right now anyways but I like Clarkson as much as both of these fighters so I'll just leave you to it. The ring walk is due around 10.30pm tonight, but could be even quicker since the last undercard fight ended in round two. Whilst we're waiting let's enjoy a song from way back. CUE THE MUSIC!

Back in March last year, these two met for the first time. The always-brilliant Mike Meehall Wood covered the fight here. You can relive it in plenty time before this one gets underway. https://www.bytheminute.co/events/4544-boxing-david-haye-v-tony-bellew-the-talking-stops-now-all-the-action-from-the-o2-as-haye-and-bellew-lock-horns-live-04-mar-2017

Our pals over at McBookie have David Haye the odds on favourite to win tonight. He's 4/9 to win at any point during the 12 rounds (or on points). Bellew is 7/4 with the draw 33/1 (which could be worth a wee punt). Based on how it went the last time, you'd probably say 7/4 for Bellew is slightly overpriced. Haye doesn't seem to like going past round 4/5 in recent fights. His body just can't cope anymore. Little toes included.

The main event (and frankly the only event I can be arsed to cover tonight) is minutes away from getting going. Sky just running through their last advert before the ring walk. I fancied Haye in the first fight and got it spectacularly wrong, so I'll go for Bellew tonight and hope that it goes the same way as my first prediction...

Must still be a wee bit of time to go before the ring walks as 'Sweet Caroline' hasn't been played through the PA system to the annoyance of this writer. Why that song is now the go-to number in British boxing I'll never know... Oh, and THERE it is. Pffffft.

Mr Buffer is in the building (and that was ALMOST Mr Bugger as my finger went wayward for a second...) and is warming the crowd up as I type. What a man. David Haye first out on the ring walk. His shorts look absolutely massive. Are they padded?!

Now it's time for Anthony Bellew (yes, Buffer did just call him by his Sunday name) to make his way in. Let's just say I'm not his biggest fan and wouldn't mind seeing him getting KO'd within 12 seconds tonight...

David Haye has his chunky headphones on. I wonder what he's listening to?! My guess: Not Z Cars.

Bellew wearing blue shorts emblazoned with yellow stars. Almost EU-like. Would have thought he'd have been 100% Brexit personally. Yeah, the rematch is about to begin. Strap yourselves in. This could go either way. But I will just say that David Haye looks really nervous. Almost like a guy who kinda knows he's going to lose a second fight to Tony Bellew.

ROUND 1 The talking stops here. The rematch is underway. Haye stalking Bellew from the off. Honestly though, those shorts are absolutely massive. Nappy-esque. Little to write home about in the opening minute. Very cagey beginning to the fight. Bellew trying a couple of left hooks but Haye easily ducks out the way of both. Good left hand from Haye moves Bellew off balance. Better from Bellew as the round ends. Not the explosive start we might have expected from Haye, though a good right hand near the bell will get the round for him with the judges. 10-9 Haye