David Haye v Tony Bellew II: LIVE!



ROUND 2 Mike Ashley look-a-like Howard Foster is the ref tonight. Keep an eye on him as he does quite like to get involved. Haye doing the stalking in the 2nd and gets a good right hand onto Bellew's left eye. Really good combination from Haye gets Bellew on the ropes. He's trying to set up that big shot which could end the fight early. Bellew raises the arms to say "come on then". Arrogance personified. Not his finest round. 20-18 Haye

ROUND 3 If Bellew can get through the next couple of round relatively unscathed, he'll be happy. Haye needs to take the fight to Bellew even more in the next 6 minutes of boxing. Bellew applying the pressure in the early stages of the 3rd. But Haye counters well and was a couple of inches away from landing that big'un. Into the final minute of the round and it's a tough one to call. Jabs the dominant shot at the moment but both reading them well. HAYE DOWN!!!!!!! Tony Bellew caught him, goes on the attack and knocks him down. Gets back up....BUT IS DOWN AGAIN!!!!!! The bell has saved Haye. Just. Bellew cannot believe it.

Stunning stuff from Tony Bellew. Twice puts Haye on the deck within 20 seconds. Haye will surely have to KO Bellew in the first 30 seconds of the 4th or it's fight over.

ROUND 4 Bellew roars into action in the opening 30 seconds of the round. Haye is all over the shop. His balance is like someone who's sunk 10 pints. He's a shadow of his former self. Surely Bellew has to put him away before the round is up. Bellew's energy levels have dipped as the round goes on. He's given Haye half a chance of getting through this round. Big shot Bellew lands. Haye's time looks up. He's taken another big one. Stotting around the ring. Bell goes. Haye survives. For now.

ROUND 5 Into the 5th we go. The 5th round of what surely is going to be David Haye's final ever fight. Else he's going to do himself permanent damage. The end of the 3rd round must have taken a fair bit of energy out of Bellew though as he's not launching himself into Haye. He knows that he's got this fight in control and the longer it goes, the more it plays into his hands. HAYE DOWN AGAIN!!!! Is THAT it?! Surely it will be...IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!

It was ANOTHER brilliant shot from Bellew to take Haye down for the 3rd time, with a huge fall to go with it. Haye did manage to get up from the deck, but soon after an avalanche of punches from Bellew sees the ref (correctly!) stop the contest. I did tell you all that 7/4 for Bellew was overpriced! Especially when I saw Haye walking to the ring. He looked like a Rangers fan going into an Old Firm derby. Beaten before it even began.

Loads of respect between the two men in the middle of the ring. It might be the last time Bellew will step into a ring. It will definitely be the final time for David Haye. He was shocking after the first couple of rounds. Was there another injury? If so, why did he even bother getting into the ring? Pure greed??

Thanks for reading along - it wasn't a classic encounter and the best guy won at a canter. Congratulations Tony Bellew. David Haye, please retire. I've been Roddy Graham - speak again soon!