Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Stage 4



Interesting to see Bryan Coquard in the chasing break. About half a dozen riders in this chase group could win this race! In Burnsall now. Getting closer to Park Rash. 131km to go, 4'35" gap.

Astana was destroyed on Oxenhope moor or as the race calls it, Côte de Hebden Bridge. But they rebuilt. It's a tailwind at the moment but it's a headwind all the way back.

Scott Davies is in this chase group. They are 3 mins off the break, the pelotin is nearly 5 mins off. Keeping it calm for now. 127km to go, 4'53".

Stedman and Rossetto aren't riding like a proper break. Rossetto doesn't seem to be acknowledge that Stedman is there! 125km to go, gap at 5'13"

Nice to see Mark Cavendish working for his team. Ahh Rossetto is now talking to Stedman! Stedman will probably take Park Rash, he has the Strava KOM up there, so he knows it well.

Rossetto and Stedman really drilling it. They've gone through the intermediate sprint with Rossetto taking it. They're not bothered with that. 120km to go, 5'11" gap between the lead and peloton. Chase group in between.

Astana did lose a teammate yesterday. Korsaeth did a lot of work and rode himself into the ground.

Oooh will someone attack for the final second bonus at the intermediate sprint?? The chase group will be surely go for that.

Brent Bookwalter attacks and takes the bonus. He gets a second closer to Magnus Cort Nielsen overall. Looking very good for BBC at the moment.

Rossetto has attacked a knackered Stedman! The Frenchman looks fantastic out in the road. He's gone up the road with 115km to go. 5'26" gap. Gorgeous landscapes.