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Mark Williams - Session 1



So after 15 days ( 23 if you count qualifiers), we are down to the last two men standing - John Higgins and Mark Williams. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here for the final of the World Championships. John Higgins beat Kyren Wilson 17-13 but was taken close up until the final session. Mark Williams came back from behind behind all match to win 17-15 in a late finish last night.

Their head to head stands at 5-4 to Higgins (but there have been numerous non-ranking matches as well. The last two ranking wins went to Williams. They have both been in great form this season but I would suggest that Williams shades it slightly. Either way, this should be a good, closely fought match.

This would be Higgins 5th World Title and Williams 3rd and it is great to see these greats still going well after so many years in the game. Any predictions on who will win or the final score?

Stuie Neale

Afternoon mel, this could be close 18-16 either way i reckon

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Afternoon! I am thinking the same - hopefully not too late on Monday night as I have an interview first thing Tuesday!

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JH 0 - 0 MW (0-0) Rob Walker gets the boys out into the arena. First Mark Williams and then John Higgins. Quick photo with the trophy before we get started. The final is over 35 frames - 8 frames this afternoon and 9 this evening before the same tomorrow.

JH 0 - 0 MW (0-0) Williams breaks of in frame 1.

JH 0 - 8 MW (0-0) There is a red up the table but it is not available for Higgins. Williams finds a red into the right corner to get us started. He is on the black.

JH 0 - 31 MW (0-0) He works off the open reds first before going into them when potting a loose red. He now has a thin cut on the black and down it goes with the rest.

JH 0 - 37 MW (0-0) He has to pot a long red to continue the break and now is a little too far for an easy blue. He has the pink (on the yellow spot) but pots the blue and cannons the reds. He has a thin red but plays safe.

JH 6 - 37 MW (0-0) Higgins tries a double but misses. Williams thought he found a gap for a red but it wasn't on Higgins has a possible red on and down it goes. He is on the blue and has various red to play with.

JH 23 - 43 MW (0-0) He is slightly out of position and then nudges the red on the bottom cushion. He still has a pot on the black but misses the thin cut. Williams sinks one in the right middle pocket to pick up where he left off.