John Higgins

Mark Williams - Session 3



Good afternoon and welcome back to coverage of the World Championship Final. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). Mark Williams leads John Higgins 10-7 after the first day and we have another 8 frames this afternoon before a possible 10 tonight from 7pm. Will Williams continue to lead or will Higgins stage a comeback in this session?

JH 0 - 0 MW (7-10) Rob Walker is ready to get the players out into the arena. First Mark Williams and then John Higgins.

JH 0 - 0 MW (7-10) Higgins breaks off in frame 18.

JH 0 - 5 MW (7-10) Higgins cannons the brown but nothing easy on. Williams tries on by the blue and he flukes it into the yellow pocket! He has the green to get down the table.

JH 0 - 36 MW (7-10) The black and blue are off their spots and the reds need to be opened. He pots the black to help with the break. He nudges into the reds from the black and opens up a few more reds. He does so next shot on the black as well and this time they are all on for him.

JH 0 - 61 MW (7-10) He gets on the blue and skims off the bunch to move the reds into better positions. He misses a red though.

Said fluke:

JH 1 - 61 MW (7-10) Nothing on for Higgins and there are a couple a reds on cushions to make this a tough clearance if he does get a chance. Fluke for Higgins this time but he is on the bottom cushion and rolls up to the black.

JH 5 - 67 MW (7-10) Williams misses the three reds by the pink and back it goes... better weight next time. Williams goes for a red into the left middle from tight on the bottom cushion and that should be the frame for him.

JH 0 - 0 MW (7-11) He clears the remaining reds and then snookers himself on the brown but he done enough to take the frame.